Augusto Berto

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Augusto Pedro Berto ( Bahía Blanca, 4 February 1889 - 29 April 1953) was an Argentine composer and bandoneón player who was the first composer to spread popular Argentine music in Europe. He is best known for his tango compositions.
The immensely popular "es:La payanca" made Berto's name. It is claimed to have been written in (1906) when Berto was only 17.
His other signal success was es:¿Dónde estás corazón? (tango) (1928). The words and music of ¿Dónde estás corazón? were not in fact written by Berto but was adapted into a tango from a song (1924) by es:Luis Martínez Serrano. Berto's adaptation as a tango with lyrics by became a standard, being recorded first by Francisco Lomuto 1928, and Ignacio Corsini with guitars (1930).
Berto's lyrics begin: "I Yo la quería más que a mi vida. Más que a mi madre la amaba yo"
Other artists to record the tango include: