Georg Gebel

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Georg Gebel (25 October 1709 – 24 September 1753) was a German musician and composer.
Gebel was born in Brzeg, Silesia, to Georg Gebel the Elder, also a musician and composer. He studied music under his father, and in 1729 became second organist at the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Breslau (present-day Wrocław), as well as Kapellmeister to the Duke of Oleśnica. He joined Heinrich von Brühl's orchestra in Dresden in 1735, where he met Pantaleon Hebenstreit, the inventor of the pantalon, and learned to play that instrument. In 1747 he was appointed Kapellmeister to John Frederick, Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. He died in Rudolstadt in 1753.
Gebel was a prolific composer. While in Breslau, he wrote a variety of instrumental and vocal music, and while in Rudolstadt, wrote 12 operas, two Passions, two Christmas cantatas, sets of cantatas for several years, more than 100 orchestral symphonies, partitas, concertos, and so on.