Joseph Mayseder

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6 Etudes for Violin, Op.29Variations on the Cavatine from Tancredi, Op.16Duo concertant, Op.60Fantaisie, Op.613 Duos for 2 Violins3 Grands duos concertans6 Grands Duos6 String QuartetsAir varié for String TrioAir varié, Op.54Concert Variationen, Op.43Concertante variations, Op.37Divertimento and Variations, Op.39Divertissement, Op.35Grand rondeau concertant, Op.46Grosses Konzertstück, Op.47Piano Trio No.1, Op.54Piano Trio No.2, Op.52Piano Trio No.3, Op.58Piano Trio No.4, Op.59Polonaise in A major, Op.10Polonaise No.2, Op.11Polonaise No.3, Op.12Polonaise No.4, Op.17Polonaise No.5, Op.19Polonaise No.6, Op.38Rondeau de concert, Op.56Rondeau du Couronnement, Op.49Rondino Concertant, Op.36Rondo, Op.21Rondo, Op.36Souvenir à Baden, Op.63String Quartet No.1, Op.5String Quartet No.2, Op.6String Quartet No.3, Op.7String Quartet No.4, Op.8String Quartet No.5, Op.9String Quartet No.6, Op.23String Quartet No.7, Op.62String Quintet No.1, Op.50String Quintet No.2, Op.51String Quintet No.3, Op.55String Quintet No.4, Op.65String Quintet No.5, Op.67Trio for Harp, Violin and Horn, Op.41Variationen, Op.25Variations brillantes, Op.40Variations concertantes, Op.20Variations Concertantes, Op.57Variations on a Danish theme, Op.33Variations on an Original Theme, Op.45Variations, Op.3Violin Concerto No.1, Op.22Violin Concerto No.2, Op.26Violin Concerto No.3, Op.28Violin Sonata No.1, Op.13Violin Sonata No.2, Op.42Violin Sonata, Op.40Vollständige Sammlung der Concert-Compositionen
Joseph Mayseder (27 October 1789 – 21 November 1863) was an Austrian violin virtuoso and composer.
Mayseder showed musical promise from an early age, and was a student of Joseph Suche (1797), Paul Wranitzky (1798) and Ignaz Schuppanzigh. By the age of eleven, he was performing in public concerts at the Augarten in Vienna. He received lessons in composition from Emanuel Aloys Förster.
In 1810, he was appointed concertmaster of the Vienna Court Opera. In 1816, he was the violin soloist of the Hofburg Palace chapel orchestra, which he conducted from 1836. He was a major quartette player, as well as a teacher and composer for his instrument. Among his students were the highly esteemed Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst.
Mayseder was the recipient of multiple awards and honorary memberships. He was appointed to the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome, along with Franz Liszt and others. He was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Franz Joseph in 1862, and was an honorary member of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. He was one of 51 composers who contributed to the Vaterländischer Künstlerverein.
He was buried in a grave of honour in the Central Cemetery in Vienna. The Maysedergasse in the Viennese Innere Stadt was named after him in 1876.
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