Max Friedman

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Before I Grew Up to Love You
Max Friedman (died 1964) was an American songwriter and published music through his company, Max Friedman Music Publishing Co.
He composed songs about World War I including "Like a Baby Needs its Mother That's How Uncle Sam Needs You" (1917); "Our Own American Boy (1917); Before I Grew Up to Love You (1918); and the post-war "Give the Job to the Gob and the Doughboy" (1919), a plea for employers to hire veterans, featuring lyrics by Lew Porter and Alex Sullivan.
He founded with P. and H. R. Shapiro the Max Friedman Music Publishing Co., which operated out of Buffalo, New York.
He also composed the 1928 Gene Austin hit "I Wish I Had Died In My Cradle (Before I Grew Up To Love You)", for which Lew Brown wrote the lyrics.