Per Lasson

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Per Lasson (April 18, 1859 — June 6, 1883) was a Norwegian composer.
He was born in Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway. He was the son of barrister Christian Lasson (1830–93) and Alexandra Cathrine Henriette von Munthe af Morgenstierne (1838–81). His sisters included painter Oda Krohg (1860–1935) and cabaret singer Bokken Lasson (1871–1970). His sister Alexandra married painter Frits Thaulow and Soffi married Danish poet Holger Drachmann.
In 1876 he began law studies in Kristiania. In 1882 he developed a malignant tumor in the palate. He was operated on, both in Norway and in Germany, but died the following year. His musical compositions were modest in number consisting of 15 songs and 9 piano pieces besides an orchestra overture. His most notable composition is the piano solo Crescendo! (1882).