Rondeau, Michel

French horn
Mixed chorus
Religious music
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10 Piano Sonatinas15 Two-part Canons for Brass18 Trumpet Duets22 Chorale-Fugues22 Trumpet Duets24 Fughettas3 Canons3 Christmas Carols3 Duets for Horn and Flugelhorn3 Flugelhorn Duets3 Jazz Duets3 Little Night Duets4 Christmas Preludes5 Canons5 Noëls6 Jazz Biciniums7 Christmas Duets


A Colourful SuiteA Little ChildA Newborn ChildA Yeoman's CarolAaron's ArrowAir and Variations in F majorAir and Variations on 'Au Clair de la Lune'Air and Variations on 'Dearest Maiden'Air and Variations on 'Good-Morning to All'Air and Variations on 'Muss I Denn'Air and Variations on 'Pop Goes the Weasel'Air and Variations on 'Sur le Pont d'Avignon'Air and Variations on 'The Binschgauer Wallfahrt'Air and Variations on 'The Country Garden'Air and Variations on 'The Moreen'Air and Variations on 'There's Ne'er a Blossom'Air and Variations on 'Weel may the Keel Row'Air and Variations on 'Yankee Doodle'Angelus ad VirginemAustentatious Auxiliadora


Bamboozling BerthaBaroque DancesBeatrice BellaboomboomBelinda Belly DancerBlack Bourrée


Candida's CanoodlingCandlemas EveCantata in C majorCantata in D majorCapriccio in G minorCapricio for 3 TrumpetsCarol of the DrumCarols in Canonical StyleChantons! Bargies, Noué, NouéChorale - FugueChorale-FugueChord StudiesChristmas Advent SuiteChristmas CarolsChristmas ChanticleerChristmas DazeChristmas Is ComingChristmas LightsChristmas MorningChristmas MuseChristmas Pastoral SuiteChristmas Secular SuiteChristmas ShipsChristmastideChromatic Fugue in E minorColeen on CaffeineConcertino


Deck the Hall with Boughs of HollyDialogue pour Cuivres et OrgueDilly-Dallying DillianneDing Dong DaphneD'où viens-tu bergère?Double Concerto in G minorDozy RosyDreamy Danica


Earlier One MorningEasy EdnaEcho SonatasEchoes of NowellEl Desembre congelatEl Noi de la MareEmergency Vehicle SuiteEnglish Christmas SuiteEnglish Nativity SuiteEnglish Renaissance SuiteEr is een kindeke geboren op aard'Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag


Fanfare for a BishopFanfare of the Great HallFanfares for ChristmasFanfares for Natural Trumpets and SackbutsFanfares of Notre Dame CathedralFanfares of St. CharbelFantaisie sur 'Il est né le Divin Enfant'Fantasy in E-flat majorFantasy in F minorFantasy on 'This Endris Night'Fat FionaFlamboyant FiorellaFlemish Nativity SuiteFrench Nativity SuiteFrom Fairest CreaturesFugue for 3 Trumpets in B-flat majorFugue for 3 Trumpets in C majorFugue for 3 Trumpets in F majorFugue for 4 Trumpets in B-flat majorFugue in A minorFugue in A-flat major


Gangly GaryGebor'n ist ein KindeleinGerman Nativity SuiteGerry MerkelGliding of the MaidensGloucestershire WassailGo Tell It on the MountainGod Rest Ye Merry, GentlemenGoldilocks VariationsGreensleeves


Heather in LeatherHeidel, Bubeidel


I Sing the Birth was Born TonightIhr Kinderlein, KommetIn ChristIn dulci jubiloInfant Holy, Infant LowlyInvention No.1Invention No.10Invention No.2Invention No.3Invention No.4Invention No.5Invention No.6Invention No.7Invention No.8Invention No.9Irish SinfoniaIrritating Iris


Jamaican SuiteJaunting JoanneJazz CollectionJazzy JasmineJesus, Our Shining LightJittery JimJousting Jocelyne


Kate's KiteKerstina KerfuffleKommet, ihr Hirten


La Marche des Rois MagesLatin Nativity SuiteLes anges dans nos campagnesLes cloches de NoëlLittle Baroque SuiteLittle SweetsLonely LorieLook in the Glass


Marche FantaisisteMarmalade MarthaMedieval Gregorian SuiteMilitary Waltz


Nausiating NausikaNifty NicoleNo Room in the InnNoël de BourgogneNu är det Jul igenNutty Nelly


O Little TownO TannenbaumObstreperous OrtygiaOpus OpalOut of the Orient Crystal Skies


Peekaboo PeeweePerspicacious PriscillaPiano Sonata in C majorPlight of the Stumble BeePop! Goes the WeaselPrancing PenelopePsalm 122


Queen QuenilaQuem pastores laudavereQuempas


Rambunctious RamownaRecessional in F majorRenaissance Brass TrioRenaissance Suite No.1Renaissance Suite No.2Righteous JosephRockingRounded Roberta


Sandpaper SallyScintillating SamanthaScraggly HagleyScraggly ScarlettaShannon's ShenanigansShort Fugues for Trumpet and TromboneSinfonia on 'Ancient Airs of Ireland'Sinfonia on 'Resonet in Laudibus'Sing, O Sing This Blessed MornSmerking SchnezhanaSonata No.2 for Trumpet, Soprano, Piano and BassSonate de ConcertSparkling StellaStrait Laced LindaString Quartet in G majorStudies in ModulationSuite No.1 in G majorSuite No.10 'Miniature Tributes'Suite No.11 'Old Tunes'Suite No.12 'Flute and Harp'Suite No.13Suite No.14 in F majorSuite No.15 'Monkey See, Monkey Do'Suite No.16 'Little Garden'Suite No.17 'Toys'Suite No.18 'Children Suite'Suite No.19 in F majorSuite No.2 in A minorSuite No.20 in D majorSuite No.21 in C minorSuite No.3 in D majorSuite No.4 in D majorSuite No.5 in F majorSuite No.6 in D majorSuite No.7 in F majorSuite No.8 'At the Circus'Suite No.9 'Old Tunes for Trumpet Trio'Suite of Bosnian AirsSuite of Children SongsSuite of Croatian AirsSuite of Dalmatian AirsSuite of Montenegrin AirsSuite of Polish AirsSuite of Russian AirsSuite of Serbian AirsSuite of Slovenian AirsSuite of Ukrainian AirsSussex CarolSymphony No.1Symphony No.10Symphony No.11 'Latin'Symphony No.12 'The Alchemist'Symphony No.13 'Christmas Symphony'Symphony No.14Symphony No.15 'Black Halloween'Symphony No.16Symphony No.17Symphony No.18Symphony No.19Symphony No.2Symphony No.20Symphony No.21Symphony No.22Symphony No.23Symphony No.24Symphony No.25Symphony No.26Symphony No.27Symphony No.28Symphony No.29Symphony No.3Symphony No.30Symphony No.31Symphony No.32Symphony No.33Symphony No.34Symphony No.35Symphony No.36 'Christmas Symphony'Symphony No.37Symphony No.38 'Children's Lullabies'Symphony No.39 'Irish Green'Symphony No.4 'Pastorale'Symphony No.40Symphony No.41Symphony No.42Symphony No.43Symphony No.44Symphony No.45Symphony No.46Symphony No.47Symphony No.48Symphony No.49Symphony No.5Symphony No.50Symphony No.51Symphony No.52 'Métis'Symphony No.53 'Old French'Symphony No.54 'Old German'Symphony No.55 'Christmas Pastorale'Symphony No.56 'Old French-Canadian'Symphony No.57 'Old Ukraine'Symphony No.58 'Little Brass'Symphony No.59 'The Military'Symphony No.6 'Magnificat'Symphony No.60Symphony No.61 'Child's Play'Symphony No.62 '4 Ballets'Symphony No.63 'Choral'Symphony No.64 'Chess Set'Symphony No.7 'Requiem'Symphony No.8Symphony No.9


Tempus adest floridumThe Angel GabrielThe Bellman's SongThe First Good Joy That Mary HadThe First NowellThe Holly and the IvyThe Holy WellThe Twelve Days of ChristmasTinkling TinsleyTiny TinaTo Us a Child of Royal BirthToccata and Fugue in B-flat majorToccata and Fugue in C minorToccata and Fugue in D minorToccata and Fugue in F majorToccata and Fugue in G majorToccata in E-flat majorTrifle in F majorTrumpet Sonata No.1 in C majorTrumpet Sonata No.3 in E minorTrumpet Sonata No.4 in B-flat majorTrumpet Trio in C majorTrumpet Trio in F majorTypewriting Teresa


Une vaine crainteUnthrifty LovlinessUrsula's Ukulele


Variations and Fugue on 'Entre le boeuf et l'Ane Gris'Variations and Fugue on 'Tout le Ciel Reluit'Variations on 'Auf meinen lieben Gott'Variations on 'Ça Bergers'Variations on 'Der Mond ist aufgegangen'Variations on 'Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott'Variations on 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'Variations on 'Ihr Kinderlein kommet'Variations on 'Jesus, meine Zuversicht'Variations on 'Lobet den Herrn'Variations on 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'Variations on 'Patapan'Variations on 'Slaap, mijn Kindjelief'Variations on 'Sleepy Time'Variations on 'Stabat Mater'Variations on 'Tomorrow shall be my dancing day'Variations on 'Vom Himmel hoch da komm' ich her'Variations on 'When Christ was Born of Mary Free'Variations on 'Wie Lieblich ist der Maien'Variations sur 'Dans cette étable'Variations sur 'D'où viens-tu bergère?'Variations sur 'Quittez, Pasteurs'Variations sur 'Quoique soyez petit encore'Variations sur 'Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle'Variations sur 'Venez, Divin Messie'Veni, veni, EmmanuelVindictive VladislavaVivian's VineyardVoluntaries on 'Baroque Trends'


Wallowing WallyWaltzing WladyslavaWelsh Folklore SuiteWendy WhoopdedooWexford CarolWhen Forty WintersWhile Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by NightWicked WandaWoodwind Overture for Beginners in B-flat major


Xaviera's Dark Side


Yodeling YolandaYuletide BrassYuletide FugueYuletide Suite


Zelda Fastfingers


Çà, bergers, assemblons-nous.