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Leopoldine Blahetka

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Marie Leopoldine Blahetka (16 November 1809 – 17 January 1885) was an Austrian pianist and composer.
Leopoldine Blahetka was born in Guntramsdorf near Vienna, the child of George and Barbara Joseph Blahetka Sophia, née Traeg. Her father was a history and mathematics teacher and her mother a physharmonica teacher and performer. Her maternal grandfather was the Viennese composer Andreas Traeg.
The family moved to Vienna and George Blahetka took a job with the Traeg music publishing house. Leopoldine took piano lessons from her mother and made her debut as a pianist in 1818. Afterwards, she studied with Joseph Czerny, Hieronymus Payer, Eduard Freiherr von Lannoy, Joachim Hoffmann, Catherina Cibbini-Kozeluch, Friedrich Kalkbrenner, Ignaz Moscheles, and later composition with Simon Sechter.
In 1821 Blahetka began touring Europe, accompanied by her mother, and continued to tour for about twenty years. In about 1830 the family moved to Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, seeking a better climate. Blahetka died in Boulogne-sur Mer.
Selected works include: