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Auguste Dupont

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Auguste Dupont, full name Pierre-Auguste Dupont, (9 February 1827 - 17 December 1890) was a Belgian pianist and composer.
A laureate of the Royal Conservatory of Liège, where he was a student of Jules Jalheau, he travelled for a time as a musician in Germany, England and the Netherlands. While performing in Berlin, he was introduced to Giacomo Meyerbeer who gave him work for a time and who often mentions him in his diary. In 1850, he became a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He composed several major pieces for concerts and pieces of chamber music. He was also the editor of the series École de piano du Conservatoire de Bruxelles, forty booklets of classical masterpieces. He became a teacher of chamber music in 1886.
His brother was the violinist and composer Joseph Dupont.
In 1862, L'Illustration p. 197, mentioned the following works: