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Azzolino Bernardino della Ciaja

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Azzolino Bernardino della Ciaja (21 May 1671 – 15 January 1755) was an Italian organist, harpsichordist, composer and organ builder.
Born in Siena, into a rich family, he was a member of the Pisan Cavalieri di S Stefano order. He lived in Pisa from 1703 and 1713, but keeping strong connections with Florence. In 1713 he moved to Rome where he stayed till 1730. He moved then back to Pisa where he died.
Expert in organ building, he worked on the organ of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, a large 5- manual and more than 60 stop organ.
Very important are the Six Sonatas for Harpsichord published in Rome in 1727.
Opera omnia for keyboard. Harpsichordist: Mara Fanelli - Organist: Olimpio Medori, Romani-Agati-Tronci organ with three keyboards and double pedals from Gavinana (Pistoia) - Tenore: Paolo Fanciullacci (3 CD, Tactus, 2016)