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Eugène-Charles-Jean Godecharle (bapt. 15 January 1742 – 26 June 1798) was a Belgian violinist and composer.
Godecharle was born in Brussels in 1742. His father, Jacques-Antoine Godecharle, was master of music in the church of St Nicholas, and bass singer at the court chapel of Prince Charles of Lorraine, governor of the Austrian Netherlands. Eugène's brother Lambert-François was also a musician, replacing his father as master of music at St Nicholas; another brother was the sculptor Gilles-Lambert Godecharle.
Eugène began in the Prince's choir: his father, noting his talent as a violinist, sent him to Paris for lessons.
On his return to Brussels, he played viola in the chapel from 1773. On the death of Henri-Jacques de Croes, master of the court chapel, in 1786, Godecharle applied to replace him but failed; he became lead violin only in 1788. In 1776 he became master of music at the Church of St Géry [nl] in Brussels, remaining in the post until his death.
Godecharle's publications include:
He left in manuscript much church music.