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François de Chancy

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François de Chancy (1600–1656) was a French singer lutenist and composer. He was a master of music for Cardinal Richelieu in 1631, master of chamber music (1635) and was chamber musician of the King's Chapel (1649). François de Chancy was highly regarded by Mersenne, who included Chancy pieces in his treatises. He died in Paris in his mid-fifties.
He participated and collaborated on vocal music of the following ballets de cour:
He was noted in following publications:
The other airs and tablatures are included in books of Chansons pour danser et pour boire (Paris: Ballard, 1660) and of Mss. M. Mersenne, in L'Harmonie universelle, in two German books (tablature for lute and tablature for mandore).