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Giuseppe Aprile (28 October 1731 – 11 January 1813) was an Italian castrato singer and music teacher. He was also known as 'Sciroletto' or 'Scirolino'.
Aprile was born in Martina Franca. After studying with Gregorio Sciroli, composer and singing instructor, in Naples, he began his singing career in 1752 at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. He then began a great career, performing in prominent theatres throughout Italy, Germany, and even Madrid. His voice could reach E5. He withdrew from the stage in 1785 and became a singing instructor in Naples. Domenico Cimarosa, Michael Kelly and Emma, Lady Hamilton were among his pupils. See: List of music students by teacher: A to B#Giuseppe Aprile. He wrote a popular book on singing instruction, The Italian Method of Singing, with 36 Solfeggi (1791).
Source: Claudio Sartori. I libretti italiani a stampa dalle origini al 1800. Cuneo, 1992-1994.