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Johann Adam (c. 1705 – 13 November 1779) was a German violist and composer of the Baroque era.
Little is known about Johann Adam's early years and his birth year is an estimate. In 1733, he was listed as a Jagdpfeiffer at the Royal court in Dresden. In 1737 he was transferred to the Hofkapelle as a violist with a yearly salary of 400 thaler. From around 1740, he was also well known as a composer of ballet music which was played during operas, particularly those of Hasse, and from 1763 to 1769, he was employed as the director and composer of the Elector's French Theater. In 1775, Charles Burney said of him: "Mr. Adam, a veteran musicien, one of the few remaining performers in the celebrated opera-band, under the direction of Signor Hasse, has established himself a great reputation by his composition of the music to the dances performed at this opera in its most flourishing state".
Many of Adam's compositions have been lost. Below is a list of his known works which are listed in RISM. As well as these, there are several movements of ballet music inserted into operas which also survive.
Among his missing works are a Flute Concerto in C major, 3 Oboe Concertos, a Minuet from 1769, a Sinfonia in F major, a Bassoon Concerto, and a Trio for violin or flute and harp.