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Johann Gottlob Harrer

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(Johann) Gottlob Harrer (8 May 1703 – 9 July 1755) was a German composer and choir leader.
Harrer was born in Görlitz, and studied music in Leipzig and Italy. From 1731 he worked in the chapel-choir of Reichsgraf Heinrich von Brühl. Following the death of Johann Sebastian Bach in 1750, Harrer became his successor as Thomaskantor in Leipzig, remaining in his post until his own death in 1755. He composed much instrumental music, including 27 symphonies, 24 orchestral suites, 51 flute duets and a number of harpsichord sonatas. He also wrote two masses for choir and orchestra, one mass for unaccompanied voices, 47 cantatas and a number of oratorios, passions, psalms, and motets.