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Norman Coke-Jephcott

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Norman Coke-Jephcott FRCO FAGO, FRCCO, FTCL (17 March 1893 – 14 March 1962) was an English composer and organist based both in his native England and the United States of America.
Norman Coke-Jephcott was born in Coventry on 17 March 1893. He was educated at Bablake School.
He was awarded his Fellowship of the Royal College of Organists in 1911. He was admitted Fellow of the American Guild of Organists (ad eundem) in 1912.
In 1945 he was admitted to the Fellowship in the Canadian College of Organists (honoris causa) and in the same year received the honorary degree of the D. Mus. from Ripon College in the same year.
He was made a Fellow of Trinity College, London in 1947.
Regarded by his colleagues as one of the world's greatest masters in organ improvisation, he had also to his credit over twenty published works.
His compositions include: