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Paolo Giorza (11 November 1832 – 4 March 1914) was an Italian-Australian composer of classical music and Romantic music.
He was born in Milan, son of Luigi Giorza, a painter and singer. His father prompted his musical interest. He is revered in Milan, where he wrote the song "La bella Gigogin [it]" in 1858, performed at the Milan Carcano Theatre. The song became symbolic of Italian culture.
During his lifetime, he produced and wrote many scores including various waltzes. Giorza travelled much of the world working in Venice, Vienna, London and Paris before embarking on an Australian career. In 1871 he went to Australia where he succeeded as a composer. In 1884, he became unwell and returned to Europe and success at La Scala. He died on 4 May 1914.
Giorza taught Australian composer Maude FitzStubbs (Mrs Harry Woods) while in Australia