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Count Pirro Capacelli Albergati (20 September 1663 – 22 June 1735) was an Italian aristocrat, and amateur composer.
Albergati was born in Bologna. The Albergatis were one of the most eminent families of the Bolognese nobility, and Count Pirro Albergati himself was ambassador, confident of Leopold I, Emperor of Austria, member of the city Council of Elders, and gonfaloniere of the city of Bologna.
From 1685 he became a member of the confraternity Santa Maria della Morte for whom he composed most of his 17 oratorios. From 1728 Albergati also held the mainly honorary post of maestro di cappella in Puiano near Urbino in the last years of his life. His sacred works include 4 masses.
Fellow Bolognese composer Giuseppe Maria Jacchini dedicated his opus 4 to Count Albergati in recognition of his strong support for giving Jacchini a permanent position in the orchestra of the cathedral of Bologna.
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