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3 Stücke, Op.144Chinesische Flöte, Op.132Hindoo Song, Op.140Valse joyeuse, Op.137Valse triste, Op.142
Anatol Provazník (10 March 1887 in Rychnov nad Kněžnou – 24 September 1950 in Prague) was a Czech organist and composer.
Anatol Provazník was son of Alois Provazník, a regional composer. He studied at the gymnasium in Rychnov nad Kněžnou and then at the music conservatory in Prague, finishing in 1907. During 1907–1911 he worked as an organist in the St Vitus Cathedral, later he moved to Berlin.
Provazník became very interested in the emerging radio broadcasting. He studied "radiophony" in Berlin and after return to Prague he helped to set up the music department of the Czech Radio. Since 1930 he worked, for sixteen years, as the proxy director of this department. Provazník was a friend with Karel Hašler and other artists.
Provazník is author of about 240 musical works including several operas and five operettas. He also adapted many classical piano and orchestra works to fit in radio broadcasting. These adaptations were performed for long time after his death.
"Le faune amoureux" Op143(published before1916,Josef Weinberger Verlag)fur violon uns klavier "Impromptu"," valse gracieuse","toccata",Op144,for violine uns klavier-josef Weinberger Verlag ,before 1916 "Les diablotins" valse ,Op85,for violine uns klavier,Josef Weinberger Verlag