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April ShowersI'm Going To Spend My Vacation With A Dear Old RelationYou May Be A Doggone Dangerous Girl But I'm A Desperate Guy
Louis "Lou" Silvers (September 6, 1889 – March 26, 1954) was an American film score composer whose work has been used in more than 250 movies. In 1935, he won the first Academy Award for Best Original Score for One Night of Love.
Born in New York City, Silvers scored the sound sequences in the D. W. Griffith film Dream Street (1921), and scored the part-talking feature film The Jazz Singer (1927). He was also music director for Lux Radio Theater for most of its long run (1934–1955). He is also the composer of "April Showers" (1921).
Silvers was married to Janet Adair. On March 26, 1954, Silvers died of a heart ailment in Hollywood, California.