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Tcharguiah, Op.8Transcaucasian Songs and Dances, Op.1
Nikoghayos Tigranian (Armenian: Նիկողայոս Թադևոսի Տիգրանյան, 31 August 1856, Gyumri – 17 February 1951, Yerevan) was an Armenian composer, ethnomusicologist and pianist. He was granted the titles of People's Artist of Armenia (1933) and Hero of Labour (1936). In 1921, Nikoghos Tigranyan implemented the Braille System for the first time in Armenia at the Gyumri school he founded.
Blind from the age of 9, he studied at the Vienna Institute for the Blind (1873–80) and Saint Petersburg Conservatory (with Rimsky-Korsakov). He collected Armenian folk music, particularly mughams, which he used in arrangements (many for piano) and original works. Tigranian was the first composer to translate such music into orchestral terms.
The Gyumri Art School is named after him.
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