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Elegy, Op.8
Vladimir Ivanovich Sokalsky (Russian: Владимир Иванович Сокальский, 24 April 1863, Heidelberg - 1919, Sevastopol, Russia) was a composer, musical critic, and lawyer.
Vladimir Ivanovich Sokalsky was born in the family of Ivan Petrovich Sokalsky, a Russian writer. He graduated from Kharkiv musical school, a branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Community, where studied music from Peter Petrovich Sokalsky, and compositions from Iwan Knorr. He also graduated from Kharkiv University (the faculty of law). He was a conductor of an orchestra in opera-enterprise of Vasily Nikolaevich Andreev-Burlak. Since 1882 contributed as a musical reviewer of the "South country" newspaper, under a pseudonym Don-Diez. At meetings of the Kharkov branch of Russian musical society its products were executed, and the opera "Repka" was performed in Poltave, Smolensk, Tiflis and Kharkov. In 1902 he was a prosecutor at the Ust-Medveditsa district court. In the autumn of 1911, he became the Chairman of the Vologda district Court. In 1918 in Vologda, he performed several lectures and concerts devoted to creativity of Beethoven and Grieg with his daughter Lydia, and son-in-law Ilya Ginetsinsky. In 1919, he went on a holiday to Sevastopol and fell ill with typhus. He died there, and was buried in the town cemetery.