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Benedikt Anton Aufschnaiter

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Concors Discordia, Op.2
Benedikt Anton Aufschnaiter (baptised 21 February 1665, Kitzbühel – buried 24 January 1742, Passau) was an Austrian Baroque composer.
Aufschnaiter received much of his musical education in Vienna, where he lived for several years. Later he got a post at the band near to the emperor's court. On 16 January 1705, he was appointed Kapellmeister at the Passau court by Bishop-Cardinal Johann Philipp von Lamberg as a successor to Georg Muffat. Aufschnaiter died there in January 1742.
He was married twice and from the second marriage, he had a son.
Most of Aufschnaiter's 300 surviving works are sacred. In his Regulæ Fundamentales Musurgiæ, he named Giacomo Carissimi, Orlande de Lassus, Johann Kaspar Kerll and Adam Gumpelzhaimer as his idols.
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