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Carlo Curti

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Carlo Curti (4 November 1807 - 29 December 1872) was a Bolognese Italian cellist, educator and composer. He studied violin under Rolla (possibly Antonio Rolla), and then the cello under Parisini. He was made professor at the Liceo di Musica (the Royal School of Music in Parma) as a young man and in May 1838 became First Cello in the Teatro Regio in Parma when it was led by Nicola De Giovanni. He retired to Bologna, his home town and birthplace, in 1871 or 1872 and died from a cardiac condition caused by pneumonia soon after. The 17 May 1838 issue of the music journal Teatri Art E Letteratura pointed to him as him an example of Italian musical excellence, a gift to the world.
Curti composed and arranged works for the cello and piano: