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Florczak, Lukas

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Allegro for Violin and Euphonium, Mn.83Andante for Violin and Piano, Mn.82Duet for Violin and Viola, Mn.84Etude for Solo Violin, Mn.94Fantasia for Violin in G minor, Mn.70Flute Quartet in D major, Mn.73Haystacks on a Snowy Morning, Mn.93Piano Trio No.4, Mn.67String Quartet, Mn.99String Trio in F major, Mn.106Study No.2, Mn.90

Parts for: Violin

Cello Concerto, Mn.120Double Bass Concerto, Mn.78Piano Concerto, Mn.116Sinfonia Concertante for Double Bass, Mn.80