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Jean-Louis Tulou

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Fantaisie sur 'Il Trovatore', Op.105Grand Solo No.11, Op.93Grand Solo No.12, Op.94Grand Solo No.15, Op.109Grand Solo No.7, Op.86
Jean-Louis Tulou (born 12 September 1786 in Paris – died 23 July 1865 in Nantes) was a French flute teacher, player and instrument maker.
His father, Louis-Prosper Tulou (1749–1799), was a bassoonist in the Paris Opera and professor at the Paris Conservatoire from 1795 until his death.
Jean-Louis studied at the Paris Conservatoire from the age of 10. He became a professor there in 1829 and remained until 1856. He was involved in flute manufacture. He died on 23 July 1865 in Nantes.
Note: arrangements may exist for quartet/orchestra as well as with piano.