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A Collection of Songs, Op.1
John Prynne Parkes Pixell (1725 – 1784) was an English poet, priest and composer.
Pixell was educated at the Birmingham Free School and at Queen's College, Oxford. He became the vicar of Edgbaston in 1751,
One of his poems, "Transcrib'd from the Rev. Mr Pixell's Parsonage Garden" was published in Robert Dodsley's 1758 anthology A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes: by Several Hands.
Pixell published two collections of songs, A Collection of Songs with their Recitatives and Symphonies for the German Flute, Violins, etc., with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord, which was published in Birmingham in 1759 and with a title page and subscription list printed by John Baskerville, and Odes, Cantatas, Songs, etc., divine, moral, entertaining, op.2 , published in Birmingham in 1775.