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Juan Cornago (Johannes Cornago) (c. 1400 – after 1475) was a Spanish composer of the early Renaissance.
Almost nothing is known of Cornago's origins. He may be the Juan Carnago of Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain, who solicited Pope Martin V for prebends in various parishes between 1420 and 1429. It is certain that he is the Cornago, a Franciscan, who graduated from the University of Paris in 1449. Then from 1453 he was in Naples serving in the royal chapel of Alfonso V of Aragon. After the death of Alfonso he continued to serve in the chapel under his son Fernando I of Naples. Cornago was the leading songwriter at the Aragonese court in Naples. Later in 1475 he transferred to the chapel of Fernando the Catholic who had returned to Spain.
15 compositions survive.
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