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Julian Aleksandrovich Scriabin (born Yulian Aleksandrovich Schloezer; Russian: Юлиа́н Алекса́ндрович Скря́бин, 12 February 1908 – 22 June 1919) was the youngest son of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin and Tatiana de Schloezer. He was himself a promising composer and pianist, but he died at the age of eleven under mysterious circumstances. In the last year of his life he wrote four preludes in his father's style, the authorship of which is questioned by some researchers. Those preludes were published for the first time 95 years after his death by Edition Octoechos. Musicologists have described Julian Scriabin both as a successor of his father and as an early representative of the early Russian and Soviet avant-garde of the 1920s.
Alexander Scriabin, famous for his innovative piano compositions, had seven children: Rima, Yelena, Maria and Leo from his first marriage to Vera Ivanovna Isakovich; and Ariadna, Julian, and Marina from his relationship with Tatyana Fyodorovna Schloezer (Shlyotser). His eldest daughter Rima (1898–1905) and his son Leo (1902–1910) both died at the age of seven. By the time of the death of Leo, the composer had already been living for several years with Schloezer and had become estranged from his first family, so much so that the parents did not even meet at the burial of their son.