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René de Boisdeffre

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2 Morceaux, Op.572 Pieces, Op.212 Pieces, Op.773 Pièces en quatuor, Op.643 Pieces, Op.203 Pieces, Op.263 Pieces, Op.546 Morceaux


Chant d'église, Op.89Chant nuptial


Mélodie, Op.6


Piano Quartet No.1, Op.13Piano Quartet No.2, Op.91Piano Quintet, Op.11Piano Quintet, Op.25Piano Trio No.1, Op.10Piano Trio No.2, Op.32Poème pastoral, Op.87


Rêverie, Op.55Romance, Op.73


Sérénade, Op.5Sérénade, Op.85Sextet No.1, Op.43Suite orientale, Op.42Suite poétique, Op.19Suite romantique, Op.24


Violin Sonata No.1, Op.12Violin Sonata No.2, Op.50Violin Sonata No.3, Op.67

Arrangements for: Violin

6 Pieces, Op.15Au bord d'un ruisseau, Op.52Mélodies, Op.39Messe de Notre Dame de Sion, Op.47

Parts for: Violin

Rêverie, Op.55
René de Boisdeffre (3 April 1838 – 25 November 1906) was a French composer. He is the author of some 60 pieces of chamber music as well as a few pieces for piano and vocal music. General de Boisdeffre was his cousin.
Boisdeffre was born in Vesoul, Département Haute Saône, into a family of military traditions and moved with his family to Paris in 1843. His musical education began with Charles Wagner (himself a pupil of P. J. G. Zimmermann) and was continued with Auguste Barbereau.
Quite conservative in his style, Boisdeffre owed much to Gounod and Massenet in his vocal music, while his instrumental scores were influenced by Lalo and Saint-Saëns.
In May 1883, Boisdeffre was awarded the Prix Chartier for his chamber music.
He died in Vézelise, Département Lorraine, aged 68.