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Simon Bucharoff (April 20, 1881, Berdychiv, Ukraine – November 24, 1955) was an American pianist, composer and educator born in Berdychiv, Ukraine.
Vienna Conservatory of Music, 1902
Operas: A Lovers Knot, Sakahra, Jewel, Addio, Wastrel, (received David Bispham Medal for A Lovers Knot and Sakahra). Chorus and Orch.: Salute to a Free World; Freedom on the March; Hear My Voice, O Lord; Jerusalem. Orch.: Four Tone Poems; The Wanderers Song; The Trumpeters Death (Pf. & Orch.); America; Moses; Prelude; Valse Brillante; Das Sterbe Gloecklein (trans.), Capriccio (trans.). For baritone and orch.: Parable of Nothin and Somethin; O Ye Peoples and Nations; Rejoicing, 1 Laugh and Laugh and Laugh (Ballad). Also many compositions for piano, voice, violin and various combinations;
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