Il Vespasiano

Composer: Pallavicino Carlo

Instruments: Voice Mixed chorus Orchestra

Tags: Opera seria Operas Libretto Writings

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Carlo Pallavicino (Pallavicini; c. 1630 – 29 January 1688) was an Italian composer.
Pallavicino was born at Salò. From 1666 to 1673, he worked at the Dresden court; from 1674 to 1685, at the Ospedale degli Incurabili (a conservatory where orphaned children were musically trained) in Venice and further in Dresden. In August and September 1687, he was with the concert master Georg Gottfried Backstroh back in Venice. He asked for renewal of his leave because his wife expected to give birth, but he was rejected. He died in Dresden, and his grave is located in the Convent of the St. Mariestern.
He wrote more than 20 operas premiered in Venice and Dresden, oratorios and sacred works. His son, Dresden court writer Stefano Benedetto Pallavicino was a known librettist.