Sempre viva

Composer: Araújo Damião Barbosa de

Instruments: Piano

Tags: Waltz Dance

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Damião Barbosa de Araújo (27 September 1778 – 20 April 1856) was a Brazilian composer. He was born on the Island of Itaparica and died in the city of Salvador. He is most known for his opera A intriga amorosa, which premiered in 1810 at the Teatro do Guadelupe in Salvador. Araújo was the son of a shoemaker and worked for the Brotherhood of Santa Cecilia from 1819. He joined the orchestra of the Imperial Chapel in Rio de Janeiro as a violinist in 1822. In this period he met the organist and composer Marcos Portugal (1762-1830) and José Maurício Nunes Garcia (1767-1830). Araújo returned to Salvador in to become the Master of Music of the Cathedral of Salvador in 1818, succeeding Alexandre da Fonseca. Araújo composed a work for full orchestra for the reopening and dedication mass of the Church of the Third Order of Saint Francis; it was performed on July 5, 1835. The score for the work is stored in the archive of the church.