Danses Andalouses

Composer: Infante Manuel

Instruments: Piano

Tags: Variation Dance


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3. Gracia (El Vito) (Edition A) PDF 1 MB
3. Gracia (El Vito) (Edition B) PDF 0 MB



Piano(2) (Unknown)
Manuel Infante (July 29, 1883 – April 21, 1958) was a Spanish composer long resident in France.
A native of Osuna, Infante studied piano and composition with Enrique Morera, and settled in Paris in 1909. While there, he presented numerous concerts of Spanish music; a Spanish nationalist element is predominant in his own works. His most significant music was written for piano, and included 2 suites for two pianos. His works became popular through performances by his countryman José Iturbi, to whom many of them are dedicated.
Infante died in Paris on April 21, 1958.