La Technique du Violoncelle

Composer: Bazelaire Paul

Instruments: Cello

Tags: Method Music history Writings Theory For beginners

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2. Gammes et Arpèges (part 1 of 3) PDF 18 MBGammes et Arpèges (part 2 of 3) PDF 17 MBGammes et Arpèges (part 3 of 3) PDF 14 MB
1. Exercice Journalier PDF 11 MB
3. L'Enseignement du Violoncelle en France PDF 2 MB
Paul Bazelaire (4 March 1886 – 11 December 1958) was a French cellist and composer.
Bazelaire was born in Sedan, Ardennes. He studied under Jules Delsart.
He won many prizes for literature and poetry in France and Belgium.