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3 Lieder aus dem Italienischen Liederbuch von Paul Heyse

Composer: Mendelssohn Arnold

Instruments: Voice Piano

Tags: Lied Song

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Arnold Ludwig Mendelssohn (26 December 1855 – 18 February 1933), was a German composer and music teacher.
He was born in Ratibor, Province of Silesia; the son of Felix Mendelssohn's cousin Wilhelm Mendelssohn (1821–1866) who, in 1854, had married Louise Aimee Cauer (sister to Bertha Cauer). In 1885, Arnold Ludwig himself married his second cousin, Maria Cauer, daughter of Karl Cauer (sister of Ludwig Cauer).
Mendelssohn was originally a lawyer before studying music, then was director of church music and a professor in Darmstadt. Paul Hindemith was one of his students. After his death his works were banned in Nazi Germany because of his Jewish heritage. He died in Darmstadt.
Mendelssohn composed chorale cantatas, three operas, and other works.