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The Carnival of the Animals

Composer: Saint-Saëns Camille

Instruments: Flute Clarinet Xylophone Violin Viola Cello Double bass Piano Orchestra

Tags: Fantasia


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Piano Solo:

Le cygne (No.13). (Alexander Siloti)Complete. (Rother, Kyle)Le cygne (No.13). (Parodi Ortega, Luis Félix)Complete. (Lucien Garban)Le cygne (No.13). (Leopold Godowsky)

Piano + ...

Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Piano (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Piano + Viola + Violin (Shin-Itchiro Yokoyama)Le cygne (No.13). Alto saxophone + Piano (Shin-Itchiro Yokoyama)Le cygne (No.13). Piano + Violin (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Piano (Unknown)L'éléphant (No.5). Cello + Piano (Lucien Garban)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Piano (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Flute + Piano (Paul Taffanel)Volière (No.10). Flute + Piano (Lucien Garban)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Piano + Violin (Unknown)Final (No.14). Piano(2) (Gabriele Bellomia)Le cygne (No.13). Piano + Viola (Louis van Waefelghem)Le cygne (No.13). Piano + Voice (Jacques Durand)Le coucou au fond des bois (No.9). Clarinet + Piano (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Harp + Organ + Piano (Pinto, Ferdinando)Le cygne (No.13). Piano + Violin (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Cello(2) + Piano (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Piano + Mezzo (Colette Mourey)Fossiles (No.12). Piano + Violin(3) + Xylophone (Dakoutros, Matthew)Le coucou au fond des bois (No.9). Piano + Mezzo (Colette Mourey)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Piano (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Clarinet + Piano (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). French horn + Piano (Ackerman, Samuel)Le cygne (No.13). Piano + Violin (Leopold Godowsky)


Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Orchestra (Paul Vidal)Complete. Piano four hands (Lucien Garban)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + String instrument (Vaid Çoku)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Orchestra (Paul Vidal)Le cygne (No.13). Viola (Unknown)Le cygne (No.13). Guitar (Martin Packham)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Viola + Violin(2) (Fine, Elaine)Le cygne (No.13). Piano four hands (Jacques Durand)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Alexandre Guilmant)Le cygne (No.13). Flute + Guitar (Pietro Cecchi)Le cygne (No.13). Bassoon + Clarinet + Flute + Oboe (Kuo, Sarah)L'éléphant (No.5). Double bass + Viola + Violin(3) (Fernando Angulo)L'éléphant (No.5). Trombone (Amit Bentabou)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Alexandre Guilmant)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Orchestra (Paul Vidal)Le coucou au fond des bois (No.9). Organ (Gouin, Pierre)Fossiles (No.12). Xylophone + Piano four hands (Brian Chandler)Le cygne (No.13). Double bass + String instrument (Farid Zehar)Selections (Nos.1, 5, 9, 12). French horn(2) + Trombone(4) + Trumpet(4) + Tuba (Rondeau, Michel)Selections (Nos.12, 10, 5, 13, 9). Bassoon(2) + Clarinet(2) + Double bass + Flute + French horn(2) + Oboe(2) + Piccolo (Clements, Patrick)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Salter, Sumner)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Double bass (Farid Zehar)Le cygne (No.13). Bass accordion + Accordion(3) (De Bra, Paul)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Alexandre Guilmant)Le cygne (No.13). Cello + Organ (Alain Brunet)Le cygne (No.13). Cello(2) (Ruud Meester)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Alexandre Guilmant)Le cygne (No.13). Accordion(2) (De Bra, Paul)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Stenov, Michael)Le cygne (No.13). Organ (Alexandre Guilmant)Le cygne (No.13). Harp (Alphonse Hasselmans)