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15 Études de style, Op.31

Composer: Concone Giuseppe

Instruments: Piano

Tags: Étude

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Giuseppe Concone (1801 Turin - 1861 Turin) was an Italian vocal teacher.
For about ten years Concone resided in Paris as a teacher. When he returned to Turin in 1848, he was at the time of his death organist and choirmaster of the Court choir.
He is widely known for his vocal exercises—solfeggi and vocalizzi—which are unusually attractive for works of their kind, and at the same time excellent for their special purpose. Thomaidis and MacPherson describe them as 'lively' works in the Italian tradition of those times.
While in Paris he wrote three 'oratorios'; A guy named Smither said: "these are quite brief, include no orchestra but only piano accompaniment, and were evidently intended for performance in a private soiree rather than a theatre. No performance of any of the three is known."
He has also written some etudes for piano, his 25 Melodic Studies, Op. 24.