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Composer: Gallet Luciano

Instruments: Orchestra

Tags: Suite


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Luciano Gallet (June 28, 1893 in Rio de Janeiro – October 29, 1931 in Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian composer, conductor and pianist.
He began piano playing as a school boy, and first studied and graduated in architecture, before enrolling at the Instituto Nacional de Música to study music with Henrique Oswald, Abdon Milanez and Agnelo França. In 1917, he studied harmony with Darius Milhaud. In 1922, he started to conduct the choir and the orchestra of the Instituto Nacional de Música and in 1926 he became publisher of the music magazine Weco. In 1930 he was one of the founders of the Associação Brasileira de Música and became Director of the Instituto Nacional de Música.
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