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Viola Concerto in G major

Composer: Telemann Georg Philipp

Instruments: Viola String ensemble

Tags: Concerto


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Complete. Piano + Viola (Unknown)


Cadenzas. Fine. (Fine, Marshall)Complete. Organ + Trumpet (Rondeau, Michel)Presto (No.4). Bass accordion + Accordion(3) (De Bra, Paul)Largo (No.1). Cello (Steyer, Stephan)Allegro (No.2). Recorder(5) (R.D. Tennent)Largo (No.1). Recorder(5) (R.D. Tennent)Andante (No.3). Double bass (Steyer, Stephan)Andante (No.3). Cello (Steyer, Stephan)Andante (No.3). Recorder(5) (R.D. Tennent)
Of Georg Philipp Telemann's surviving concertos, his Viola Concerto in G major, TWV 51:G9 is among his most famous, and still regularly performed today. It is the first known concerto for viola and was written circa 1716–1721. It consists of four movements:
The fast movements contain very few slurs, and many performers' editions include slurring suggestions, often indistinguishable from markings contained in the original. The performer is encouraged to invent a varied pattern of slurs which fits the shape of each phrase.
The slow movements both give the option of a cadenza.
A typical performance lasts about 14 minutes.