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A Selection of Marches, Airs, Minuets, etc.

Composer: Shaw Oliver

Instruments: Clarinet Bassoon Flute Cello Violin

Tags: Marche Airs Minuet Dance


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Buonaparte's Grand March. Harp + Piano (Unknown)
Oliver Shaw (March 13, 1779 – December 31, 1848), was one of the first American composers.
Shaw was born at Newport, Rhode Island. A childhood accident and later yellow fever caused him to go totally blind. He studied with organist John Berkenhead and later with Gottlieb Graupner. After studies, he started his musical career in Boston and in Providence where he remained an important musical figure until his death.
One of his students was Lowell Mason. In 1810, Shaw together with his friends founded Psallonian Society "for the purpose of improving themselves in the knowledge and practice of sacred music and inculcating a more correct taste in the choice and performance of it" based in Providence.
His publications include five volumes of his own music and contributions to others. Many compositions, he wrote, were based on poems by Thomas Moore.
He died at Providence, Rhode Island.