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Cuatro fugas para violín

Composer: Cuentas Sadiel

Instruments: Violin

Tags: Fugue

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Sadiel Cuentas (born 1973) is a Peruvian composer of contemporary classical music.
Cuentas is a chamber and orchestral classical music composer. He studied composition in Peru's National Conservatory with Enrique Iturriaga y Dante Valdéz. In 2006, his Cadenza, introducción y allegro was awarded an honorary mention in Peru National Conservatory's 2006 composition contest. Via de la Croce was awarded an honorary mention in the Asociación Peruano China Choral Composition contest in 2007. His chamber opera, Post Mortem, premiered at the Spanish Cultural Center in 2012, and his musical, El Vigilante Enmascarado, was premiered in Larco Theater in October 2013.
He has written four chamber operas and a musical with Peruvian librettist Martiza Núñez. His violin concerto, dedicated to the victims of the Internal conflict in Peru, was premiered in February 2014 by Peru's National Orchestra with Carlos Johnson Herrera as soloist.
In 2015, Peru's Culture Ministry commissioned Tinkuy, a multilingual song cycle based on traditional Peruvian songs. Some songs from Tinkuy were premiered in Europe in Peru's National Children Choir tour 2016. His work Tráfico was premiered in Canberra, Australia in October 2015, by the Deconet Duo, which commissioned the composition.
He is the author of the chapter "The musical language of Cesar Bolaños" in the book "Time and Works of César Bolaños", published by the Spanish Cultural Center in 2009.