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Adagio and Allegro for Horn and Piano

Composer: Schumann Robert

Instruments: French horn Piano Cello Violin

Tags: Adagio Allegro


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Complete Score PDF 1 MBHorn (F), Violin, Viola, Cello Parts PDF 1 MB
Complete Score (scan) PDF 1 MBComplete Score PDF 2 MB
Horn* and Piano Score PDF 0 MBCello Part PDF 0 MB
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English Horn (Alternate to Horn) PDF 0 MB



Cello + Orchestra (Blair Fairchild) Bass clarinet + Piano (Mátyás Bartha)
Adagio and Allegro, Op. 70, is a chamber music piece in A-flat major for piano and horn (optionally cello or violin or viola) by Robert Schumann. It was written in February 1849. Schumann planned alternative editions before it was printed in which the horn or cello or violin can be replaced. The title was initially intended to be "Romance and Allegro". Schumann then decided for "Adagio and Allegro".
Shortly after this work was completed, Clara Schumann commented that it was "just the sort of piece that I like, brilliant, fresh and passionate."